Senin, 14 Mei 2012

SEMBUKAN (paederia foetida L.)

SEMBUKAN (paederia foetida L.)

Other names: Kahitutan, Bintaos, Kesembukan, leaves fart, Gumisiki.

Pharmacological effects: carminative (laxative fart) and detoxification (removing toxins)

Indications: abdominal bloating and eczema, itchy skin. Here's how:
Flatulence : 25 sheets made ​​of leaves of vegetables / steamed, cooked a meal as lalab, transform and beyond, and withered leaves over the fire and tied around the stomach.b. Eczema and itchy skin: stem and leaf sufficiently washed, then ground smooth, paste it in places affected by the disease

Cultivation: stem cuttings

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